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Radio Favorites 8 Tracks Set #6

Radio Favorites 8 Tracks Set #6
#1-"The Saint" was a fascinating detective Simon Templar, a debonair private detective. #2-"Ma Perkins" Listeners tuned in daily to listen to the drama. She was known as America's mother of the air. Ma was a widow and the owner of a lumber yard. Always ready to hand out her wise advice, take care of those in need, and defend those who were in trouble. #3-"My Favorite Husband" The towns most eligible bachelor (George Cooper) married a socialite Elizabeth Elliott. They bought a home and George took the first job that came along, fifth vice president of a bank. Now the Coopers are just George and Liz, living together and like it. He says, she didn't know a thing about keeping house, couldn't cook, couldn't sew, couldn't clean. But she overcame all that domesticity in a most ingenious way; she got a maid! #4 - Let's Pretend "The Goose Girl" travel with a flock of flying geese heading north in to the wonderful adventure story of the marriage that has been arranged between Princess Margaret and the handsome Prince Michael whom she has never seen.   $20.00. (1020693)
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