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Radio Favorites 8 Tracks Set #5

Radio Favorites 8 Tracks Set #5
"The Judy Canova Show" debuted in 1943 and ran for 12 years. The cast included Mel Blanc, who was the voice for the Speedy Gonzales and Sylvester The Cat cartoon characters and also featured the singing group "The Sportsman's Quartet." In 1955 Judy Canova made the transition to television in shows such as "The Colgate Comedy Hour" "The Steve Allen Show," "Make Room For Daddy" and others. "Let's Pretend" had several formats and titles as in 1928 "Aunt Jimmie & Her Tots In Tootyville" & which had whimsical tales of fantasy and fairy tales. In 1929 it became "The Children's Club Hour" and the title changed a few more times until from 1936 to 1954 "Let's Pretend" was the most widely heard children's program. Next; "Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon," Tales of a Canadian Mountie patrolling the Yukon with his horse Rex and his faithful dog Yukon King, who together battled the wilderness and the elements of the Yukon to bring criminals to justice.   $20.00. (1020676)
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