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Radio Favorites 8 Tracks Set #3

Radio Favorites 8 Tracks Set #3
Columbia House Musical Treasures featuring Bing Crosby, Kate Smith and a comedy monologue with pianist Victor Borge. Program #2. Songs by Rudy Valee, Al Jolson, Gene Austin and Jimmy Durante. Program #3. Kay Kaiser & His Orchestra featuring, Genny Simms, Harry Babbett, Sully Mason, and Ish-Ka- Bibble, (Merwyn Bogue) a musician, comedian in the Kay Kaiser orchestra. Program #4. A Comedy skit featuring W. C. Fields, Edgar Bergen with Charlie McCarthy and Ozzie Nelson. Tape #2, Soundco Golden Radio Favorites. "Suspense" featuring Ozzie & Harriet in "Too Little To Live Off" 1947. Suspense was one of the premier drama shows with thrills & chills, strange and bizarre. Evildoers were always caught in the end. Next tape "The First Nighter" broadcast from 1930 to 1953 offered comedy and drama with many Hollywood stars. Opening with host "Mr First Nighter" With the sounds of a simulated Broadway Opening, sounds of traffic on Broadway, we enter through the doors of the Grand Lobby hearing the sounds of the gathering crowed in the "Little Theater off Time Square."   $10.00. (1020668)
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