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Radio Favorites 8 Tracks Set #2

Radio Favorites 8 Tracks Set #2
Here are three Old time radio favorites that some of you might remember. "Sky King" and in this 1947 episode he deals with "A Message In Code." Flying his plane "The Songbird" from his ranch in Arizona he helps to deal with things like finding lost hikers and capturing the bad guys. The next tape is "Gang Busters;" this radio dramatization called "The Counterfeiters" brings the listener real life case from the files of the FBI, cases such as this brought the producer Philip H. Lord into close association with FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Next we have a "Dick Tracy" crime fighter tale called "The Empty Safe." These shows aired 4 times a week and were sponsored by Cream of Wheat as well as Tootsie Roll. The radio serial was based on the popular newspaper comic strip by Chester Gould.   $24.00. (1020667)
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