These are some of the items sold at
Ben Martin's Radio Flea Market

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Panasonic RC-7247 Clock Radio (1976)Walsco Imperial 2000 UHF ConverterTransistor - 2N1264 New Old Stock TransistorsBlonder-Tongue and Bogan UHF ConvertersKnobs Remler Scotty (1930s)
Knobs (1930s)General Electric C-416C (1958)Goodrich Radio CaseGeneral Electric 143 Portable (1949)Knobs -  Crosley Models
O1A Solid State Repair WaferPentron "Concerto" Reel to ReelGarod 6AU-1 Commander Case (1946-47)Zenith H725 (1951)Jackson Bell IF Coils
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